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  • Weekly Spread: 4/11/16 Recap

    I’m done with Week 1 of my two-week finals spread! Hurray! The top half has quite a few to-do’s, but you’ll see that not many were checked off. You could say I…fell behind schedule for studying. Either that, or I didn’t refer to my bullet journal much because I kept on dreading the last seven […]

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  • Weekly Spread: 4/1/16 Recap

    Last week, I kept my weekly spread as I’ve had it — it’s proving to work really well! I also stuck to my plan of having an Instagram or blog post everyday for the #planwithmechallenge. If you want to check the blog posts out, here they are! Edge Indexing 2.0 (Day 4: Best Planning Hack) […]

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  • My Favorite Supplies

    Below are descriptions and links to my favorite supplies! I use these for both my bullet journaling and studying. Everything fits into my gray pencil pouch, but I usually don’t carry around the Stabilo Fineliners since they don’t get much regular use. Post-it’s (1.5″ x 2″): These are great for annotating books, cutting up into smaller tabs, […]

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  • Weekly Spread: 3/14/16 Recap

    Last week, I confess, was not a good week for me or my bullet journal. I barely touched it, mainly because I had a take-home midterm exam that I let take over my life. Moments like that make me question how much I love engineering or if I’m really cut out for it. In the […]

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  • Weekly Spread: 3/7/16 Recap

    Have you ever completely lost steam at the start of a week? This happened to me for the first time in a long time. You might chalk it up to senioritis or Spring Break withdrawals; either way, by Tuesday night last week, my motivation to do any schoolwork was at an all-time low. Sometimes, this […]

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  • Weekly Spread: 2/22/16 Recap

    Whoops! In the midst of traveling, I had forgotten I had never actually posted this. All I remember from this week was waiting for the clock to wind down until spring break! Other than that, there’s not much too report on (including the fact that I only did 2 of the 5 training runs I […]