How to Start

Journaling has different purposes for each person: planning, recording, and reflecting. For me, a creature of habit, this journal reminds me to stay excited and to not settle for where my life is. It’s also helped me to stress less about all of my responsibilities (and to think about cutting out the baggage). If you consider yourself a spontaneous dreamer, journaling might ground you a bit to accomplish what you want.

I have a list of my favorite supplies, but in reality, all you’ll need to start are:

There’s no one right way to begin using your journal to the fullest. For the most basic set-up, I suggest looking at the video linked on Ryder Carroll’s Bullet Journal website here. I adapt his for my current needs, so my main modules are these, with some examples:

I also utilize a few “hacks” that you can read more about under the Menu in “Tips & Tricks.” I’ve learned from others or from Ryder Carroll’s Bullet Journal website. Here are a few I’m trying now, but there will be more to come!

Take a look at the menu under “Planning” to get a sense of other ways I set things up! Remember, you do you — and you can change! Some of the other bullet journalers and bloggers who inspire me are:

I’m also happy to answer any questions. Shoot me an email at bluepapertrailblog[at] or leave a comment! Please subscribe for weekly updates and share with loved ones!