Weekly Spread: 8/15/16 Recap

This past week was my first one in Chicago. After settling in, I got to work on a few areas of focus: groceries/meal prep, setting up the apartment, running, and working on vlogs. My moving truck also dropped off my stuff, including the Muji pens I’d been missing, which you can find here (0.5mm)!


I had yet to start work, so it was really fun to have ample time to explore the city (a.k.a. learn the roads so as to minimize getting lost), enjoy the lakefront on my runs, decorate my room, and finish and publish a video I made for the #venturecoloradorun. I also discovered a wonderful shop called Halsted Flowers, where I bought a few plants 🙂

I loved having space for my meet-ups and appointments, as well as designated sections for grocery lists. It also reminded me what my areas of focus were for the week, so I didn’t get sidetracked.

Next week’s spread will be my first as an official working woman!




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