Weekly Spread: 8/8/16 Recap

I have OFFICIALLY moved to Chicago for my first full-time job! This past week at home was fun getting back into the swing of actually getting things done now that I’m done traveling for the summer. I had a lot of pre-moving tasks to complete. The weekly spread I used is similar to many I’ve used in the past; I focused on my usual appointments/meetings (which ended up being saying a lot of goodbyes), groceries and meal prep, as well as video editing from my travels, and running.

A funny story — I put all of my normal Muji pens (0.5mm) in the moving truck and actually used up all the ink in the ones I had on me. So, this week, I once again used the 0.38mm pen that I’m growing to love more and more. You can find both of them here (0.5mm) and here (0.38mm).

So as of twelve hours ago, I’m done moving in! The apartment planning page I made before was super helpful, even though I got some of the furniture’s dimensions wrong. Everything worked out though, and I’m loving my new space — a good place for journaling, reading, and introverting.

Can’t wait to show you next week’s spread!

I splurged on a new desk!
Making the most of my last week at home in Michigan



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