Weekly Spread: 7/20/16 Recap


This “weekly” spread is nine days long, which normally would bother me a lot, except that it was the nine days in between my three week Pacific Northwest Trip (here, here, and here) and the #VentureColoradoRun (a relay across Colorado to raise money for SE Asian refugees, organized by venture.org). On these trips, I don’t make weekly spreads because there’s not many tasks to do; instead, I make memory pages, which are essentially collections of sketches or lists of places I’ve gone. That’s what makes the bullet journal so handy — you can adjust spreads to your liking.

During this nine day period, I had a LOT of stuff to get done including cooking (while my mom is still in Taiwan), packing for Colorado, packing to move to Chicago, making a few videos, and running. I actually set up this spread during my PNW trip because I was getting overwhelmed just thinking about how little time I had. Seeing everything laid out and scheduling time for each of the big tasks put me at ease and ensured I wouldn’t forget anything crucial.

This spread required squeezing in a lot of tasks, so I used my 0.38mm Muji Pen rather than my 0.5mm. It worked out great — not inky at all, but still wrote smoothly and easily while drying quickly. It’s also SO precise. You can buy it yourself here!

IMG_2790 (1024x1024)
You can see everything’s kind of a hot mess. Anything I didn’t get done that day I migrated over to the next day.


IMG_2792 (1023x1024)
I was surprised I accomplished most of it — everything except a few videos!

You’ll see that I also had to pack for Colorado, which I made a list for in a previous spread. Here’s a photo of some of the things I packed! What’s neat is that we can’t bring suitcases, so everything has to fit in an 18-gallon storage tub.

IMAG3441_1 (1024x621)

Tomorrow I’m leaving for Colorado, so stay in touch via my Instagram and I’ll try to post things during my downtime! See you in August 🙂

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