Weekly Spread: 6/22/16 Recap

A few weeks ago, I had a blissful three days at home, after coming back from Taiwan and before leaving for an apartment hunting trip in Chicago. What made these few days unique was that my mom was not home, so since my dad had to work, I decided to help out by cooking. I also did a few fun things on the side, like watching Finding Dory with my sister, running for the first time in 2.5 weeks, and getting an eye appointment.

Now, onto the cooking! I’m not someone who loves cooking, but I enjoy eating healthy food and having control of what I’m putting in my body. Plus, if a recipe turns out okay, it’s a nice confidence boost for someone who usually hates her own cooking!

I used my journal by first brainstorming recipes based on the number of lunches/dinners I would make, taking into account leftovers. This came out to about four large dishes. I made sure to write down where I found the recipes (for example, “CL” meant Cooking Light Magazine). I took an inventory of what we had at home (which wasn’t much), then made a list of each ingredient I needed. Then, I circled the bullet points using a color-coding system: purple means dairy, green means non-produce, and everything else was produce. This would make walking through the grocery store easier and prevent doubling back for forgotten items.

This system worked well, even though it still took over an hour to shop. Restocking after a long vacation isn’t easy! It made me appreciate what my mom does every day to meal prep.

Towards the end of the week, I went to Chicago to look for an apartment and finished a few last minute to-do’s for my three week Pacific NW trip, including packing, which I jotted down during my bus ride back from Chicago. This week’s spread definitely wasn’t “pretty”, but it was super functional when I had little time to spare!


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