Taiwan Part 2

It’s been a few weeks since I returned from Taiwan, but I still want to recap a few more things I got to experience there! You can read more about my first week in Taiwan here.

My family and I spend the last two weeks seeing more destinations, thanks to my uncles, aunts, and cousins who were willing to travel with us. We got to see a variety of places, including natural rock formations at Yehliu Geopark. It required a subway ride, a train ride, and a bus ride, but we arrived in time for lunch. There’s a famous rock that is shaped like a queen, so dozens of people were waiting in line for a photo with it, but (thankfully) we decided to skip it — the weather was unbearably hot, so much so that my GoPro overheated!

After Yehliu, we visited Keenan, a port city on the northern coast and home to a well-known night market. Since it was a holiday weekend, the night market was already bustling at 3pm. We had a good late lunch/early dinner filled with noodle soup, stinky tofu, and friend sandwiches.

Yehliu Geopark
IMG_2089 (1024x575)
The Queen’s head
IMG_2118 (1024x575)
Keenan night market

A few days later, my three aunts (all older sisters of my dad) took me, my brother, and my dad on a two-day trip to the east side of Taiwan to visit Hualien and Taroko National Park. It was my second time there, but my dad’s first! We had a tour guide drive us to several destinations inside the park, including a two beautiful hikes. That night, we stayed at a hotel nestled in the mountains. We also had a couple of buffets and it was definitely the most lavish part of our entire time in Taiwan.

IMG_2218 (683x1024)
Taroko Gorge
IMG_2273 (1024x677)
A bridge not far from our hotel

To wrap up the last week in Taiwan, my cousin, his wife, and his son took us to the National Palace Museum, where many historic artifacts are displayed. After, we had the most amazing Japanese ramen I’ve ever tasted. Thankfully, they had English versions of the menus! We then biked through Fuhlong Tunnel, brightly-lit, cool tunnel that was once used for trains. It was about three kilometers long and a nice relief from the hot weather. The last destination was seeing the International Sand Sculpture competition at Fuhlong Beach, which was an unbelievable display of art.

IMG_2409 (1024x683)
National Palace Museum
IMG_2437 (1024x683)
Just one of the many sand sculptures that were at Fuhlong Beach!

We wrapped up our trip with some shopping and a bittersweet goodbye to my grandparents. They’re getting old in age, so anytime we leave Taiwan, it’s emotional. Hopefully I’ll be back soon to revisit some of my favorite places, work on my Chinese, and see loved ones!


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