Taiwan Part 1

About 12 hours after a weekend reunion with college friends in Boston, I flew out for Taiwan with my parents and younger brother. It’s where my parents grew up and where I’ve visited four times before. Every time I come, it’s a bit of a culture shock on top of the drastically humid and hot weather.

I’ve been in Taiwan for about a week now and for the most part, have been spending time at my grandparents’ home. On the days that we do go out, we usually see some amazing views, eat delicious local food, and shop. The unbearable part is sweating constantly, but we make it through by drinking a lot of bubble tea!

IMG_2044 (1024x1024)

The first of the days we went out, my aunt took us to southern Taipei, where the Maokong Gondolas are. I’ve been there before, but my brother hasn’t. We rode on the subway for about 40 minutes (for only $1US per person!) and then were picked up by my aunt. The first stop was eating lunch. We shared eight dishes family style for about $65 overlooking a gorgeous skyline. We also stopped by a tea museum, since the area is famous for growing tea leaves and brewing them. Next, we toured Zhinan Temple and saw more city views. We finished out the day in Maokong by riding the Gondolas, visiting my aunt’s apartment, having some noodles for dinner, and hearing some music at a local university.

The second day we went out, my other aunt took us to Yangmingshan National Park. We saw Flower Clock, hiked to Seven Stars Garden, and felt the cool breeze of the mountains. We also headed back to Taipei Main Station to shop a round in the underground malls a bit.

Today, when we were out shopping, my brother spotted Muji, my favorite stationery store, when I wasn’t even looking for it. They don’t have it where I’m from in Michigan, so it’s a rare treat to be able to go and restock my pen supplies! Keep in mind, Muji pens are the only pens I use to journal. You can read more about them here!

Here are some photos from the first week of the trip and descriptions of where they took place!

Only HALF of the amazing stationery section of Muji!
Seven Star Garden in Yangmingshan National Park
A fancy gazebo!
A concert held at a university in Southern Taipei. I’m not sure why this was happening near finals!
Flowers at a Tea Museum in Maokong
View from a teahouse in Maokong


The gorgeous Taipei 101
Riding the Maokong Gondolas!

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