Weekly Spread: 5/22/16 Recap

This past week was my last full week at home for a couple of months, so it involved a lot of errands and packing! Thankfully, I had running to break up the mundane tasks and it was cool to see my mom join me for a few runs. She normally never runs, so I’m so excited she’s getting into it!

My bullet journal to-do’s also did not have strict deadlines once again, so I had a lot of freedom to transfer unfinished tasks to the next day. I also had optional items that didn’t need to be finished, so I might do those during my downtime while I travel. The biggest thing I had to finish this week were 30+ thank-you cards to my Colorado Run supporters, which allowed me to use my address book a bit!

For the next few weeks, don’t expect more tasks from me! I’ll be in Boston for a few days reuniting with college girlfriends and then spending three weeks in Taiwan visiting my grandparents, aunts, uncles, and cousins. Hopefully I’ll have some good photos and sketches to share, but we’ll see!


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