Weekly Spread: 5/16/16 Recap

Usually, I complain about how busy my life is and thus, how complex my bullet journal needs to be to keep track of everything. However, this summer, I’m lucky to have a break between graduation and starting my first full-time job, so lately, I’ve had a lot of down time. Don’t get me wrong; there’s still a lot to do, but there’s not too many deadlines to meet.

This past week, my main tasks were to clean up my room, which probably hasn’t been straightened out in four years! It took me over two weeks, scarily enough. I kept on getting overwhelmed by decisions about what to keep and what to throw out, plus getting caught up in the nostalgia of my childhood things. I’m proud to say that yesterday, I finally cleaned it all up and I can finally walk across my room with tripping or hopping over a pile of stuff 🙂

Another huge task I accomplished this week was plan a 21 day Pacific Northwest Trip which I’ll be going on later in the summer with my younger brother. It involved researching the top hikes in Crater Lake National Park, Mt. St. Helens, Mt. Rainier National Park, and Olympic National Park. After that, I had to find lodging or airbnb’s closest to all those trails — I ended up booking a ton of airbnb’s, plus some in Portland and Seattle. Lastly, I booked a car rental! So even though my wallet is really hurting right now, I’m super excited for this trip!

Other highlights this week include: eating Korean food with my friend Abbie, watching the Survivor finale (yay Michelle!), visiting Ann Arbor, and going on another run with my mom (only her 2nd run in many years).

I started planning for my #VentureColoradoRun as well, since I won’t have much time later in the summer to!
It was fun making dailies every day and crossing off tasks with little pressure to finish them on time!


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