Detroit Free Press Marathon Training Starts NOW

I had the ridiculous idea to run my first full marathon after I finished my first half-marathon. Prior to that, I had only ever run a 5K. Running for 1 year and 2 weeks now has changed my life. I never thought I would consider 2 miles a short distance, or imagine all the things my body can now put up with. Training also encourages me to eat healthier and it’s made a difference to my energy levels and mood.

Mentally, running has challenged me in ways nothing else has, not even studying for my engineering exams. When there’s so much pain that you want to give up, pushing through brings about an un-explainable sense of achievement that then allows you to believe you can accomplish the next big endeavor.

I believe anyone can see progress in their running — whether it’s starting out running a single city block or signing up for your first 5K, with training, you can see amazing results. A little goes a long way 🙂

Here is the training plan I’m following, recorded in my bullet journal so that I don’t need to constantly pull it up on my phone. I can also mark off what I’ve finished as a motivator! The plan is created by Nike and can be found here.

The plan covers 4 days of recovery, 2 workouts, and 1 long run per week. Recovery is usually running several miles at an easy pace, but it also includes rest days! I use a purple pen to mark off my progress (you can see some in Week 1).

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