A Planner Story (Evolution of my Planner)

A few weeks ago, I asked my parents to bring my old planners to me at school, so I could look through them and share them on the blog! I know it’s really weird to keep stuff like this, but I think I’m an overly sentimental person when it comes to saving schoolwork, greeting cards, and random souvenirs. The good thing is that I was able to go through my planners and reflect back not just on my planning style, but also on significant events that happened in my life. I want to share a few planners I saved, which range from 7th grade to the present, minus sophomore year of college (not sure where that planner ended up haha). Below are some photos and some commentary in the captions!


From left to right, 7th grade to grad school!

From left to right, 7th grade to grad school! I think I accidentally put 7th/8th grade out of order here!


7th grade: The planner, provided by my middle school, sectioned off by class, which must’ve proved helpful for a planning newbie like me 🙂


7th grade: I had a method of boxing everything that was “due” and leaving the work done during school that day unboxed


8th grade: More the same as before, except with fewer doodles I suppose!


8th grade: Not sure how I managed to handle 7 hours of school, plus sports after. I think the current me would require a nap!


9th grade: I went rogue like a true high schooler and rejected the planner provided by the school. Instead, I opted for a “Peanuts” planner which probably consoled me as I endured the academic rigor of ninth grade


9th grade: At this point, I think I also stopped writing in what we did in class that day and instead stuck to only homework and exams


10th grade: I guess I fell into peer pressure and reverted back to the default planner. I also decided to number off each class 1 through 6 to better quickly write down the assignment without writing the class name


I made sure to show-off as much as possible in my planner, such as this HUGE milestone of winning the State Golf Championships and setting the record for best team score — which I think still stands to this day!


11th grade: This planner includes a neat after-school schedule on the right. I don’t remember why I didn’t use it, but probably because it was the same almost every day — golf practice, then work, then home for dinner!


11th grade: Evidence that I used the after-school schedule! This layout gives me some ideas for a future weekly spread…


12th grade: Utilizing the good ol’ post-it in the planner trick!


12th grade: I am proud to say I participated in Senior Skip Day


Freshmen year of college: I followed a similar pattern as in high school and organized to-do’s by class


Freshmen year of college: I went back to boxing important to-do’s!


Junior year of college: This is a planner I proudly got for free from a business frat during Festifall, an annual event where student orgs set out tables to recruit freshmen to join them! It’s not the prettiest planner, but it got the job done!


Senior year of college: I bought a Moleskine planner and really loved it. It was pocket sized and also had a place to store sticky notes in the back. There was also plenty of space to jot down random notes on the right-hand side of each page


Senior year of college: Finals week got kind of rough…


First (and only) year of grad school: My first time using the bullet journal system and my first Leuchtturm1917 planner! It was completely blank, so drawing these spreads out took time, but it was also therapeutic


First year of grad school: This is my second Leuchtturm1917 and it’s my first dot grid!



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