My Favorite Supplies

Below are descriptions and links to my favorite supplies! I use these for both my bullet journaling and studying. Everything fits into my gray pencil pouch, but I usually don’t carry around the Stabilo Fineliners since they don’t get much regular use.

BPT Favorite Supplies

  1. Post-it’s (1.5″ x 2″): These are great for annotating books, cutting up into smaller tabs, or sticking into my weekly spread for lists! Buy on Amazon
  2. Burt’s Bees Ultra Conditioning Lip Balm: Obviously not a stationery item, but someone I carry daily to combat the dry, cold Michigan winters. Buy on Amazon
  3. Muji Stickies: These are also great for marking places in books or my journal that I want to refer back to. Buy a similar set at Muji
  4. Liquid Paper All-Purpose Correction Pen: I swear by this white-out, which I’ve been using since middle school. It’s reliable, long-lasting, quick-drying, and comes out think or thin — easy to control. Buy on Amazon
  5. Sakura Micron Ink Pen Set: I use these to set-up my weekly spreads, edge index, or to draw out collections and banners. They’re waterproof and dry quickly. Buy on Amazon
  6. Muji Hexagon 0.38mm Pen: These are great for making very fine lines, which I do on occasion. Buy on Amazon
  7. Muji 0.5mm Pen: I use these pens every single day for taking notes in lecture, journaling paragraphs at a time, and writing in my weekly spread. The ink flows out effortlessly, yet doesn’t ever get too heavy. It’s also relatively quickly to dry compared to other pens that also write smoothly. By far the best pens I’ve ever used! Buy on Amazon
  8. Stabilo Fineliners 88 Point: While I don’t carry these in my pouch daily, I have a 30-pen set at home for when I want to add some color. Buy on Amazon
  9. Staedtler 6″ ruler: This size is convenient for carrying around, but for drawing longer lines in my weekly spread, it does take two passes. Worth it in my opinion! I did have to buy it from a whole set, however. Buy on Amazon
  10. Muji Cotton Jersey Pen Case: This pen case is surprisingly spacious and fits everything above (even the Fineliners, although I usually keep them at home). Buy at Muji



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