Weekly Spread: 3/28/16 Recap

Last week, I kept my to-do list pretty bare, since I needed some time to pause and make the most of my last few weeks of college and Ann Arbor! I worked on a 2000-piece puzzle for a few days, put in the last bit of training for the Ann Arbor half-marathon, went to TedxUofM, and a monologues event my roommate organized. The day before the race, a bunch of my friends and I carb-loaded (on top of the carb-loading that had already gone on the whole week) and went to bed happy and full. You can read more about my race Sunday here!

Today is also my friend Amy’s birthday! Happy Birthday!! You are a huge support 🙂

Some of my overflow “to-do’s” have been migrated over every week for the last 4 weeks… oops!



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  1. Thitsar says: Reply

    Wow, I really love reading this blog, your handwriting and all! Your minimalistic spreads are inspiring for someone new like me. Please keep posting new weeklies.

    1. Ros says: Reply

      Thanks, Thitsar! Your comment is really encouraging. I’ve been thinking of getting back into this (I’ve been in a rut lately) so stay tuned.

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