Weekly Spread: 3/21/16 Recap

Last week, I went rock-climbing for the first time. It dawned on me that I was climbing with a strong fear of falling, which prevented me from stretching out for far-off handholds that others so readily went for. It wasn’t until I accidentally slipped off the wall a few times and was saved by by sister belaying me that I was reassured nothing bad would actually happen, which then allowed me to climb in a more audacious way.

I guess I’ve always been prone to avoid risk and to strive for things I know I will succeed in. Now, however, I’m realizing that’s no good way to live and that I’ve been missing out on a lot of experiences and relationships. I guess this relates to bullet-journaling because sometimes I make a list of to-do’s, which are full of obligatory tasks, but I rarely stretch myself to try a new adventure or experience. Rock-climbing was my sister’s way of forcing me to try something scary, but that ended up being exhilarating!

The to-do’s at the end of the week were easy and fun to finish!



A lovely crotch shot from my first full ascent!

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