Ann Arbor Half-Marathon Recap

This morning, I ran my second half-marathon with one of my best friends! It was her first half-marathon, so it was fun running with her and cheering her on (although at some points I was probably more annoying than helpful haha). After three months of training five days a week, she was more than ready to go. However, she didn’t set a goal time….but quickly after we started racing, she decided she wanted to beat 10:00/mile. Halfway through the race, when the 9:30/mile pace group came into sight, she changed her goal time to be sub-9:30/mile. It was so encouraging to watch! After reaching mile 12, we passed the 9:30/mile pace group and celebrated as we crossed the finish line in 9:23/mile. She had destroyed her goal by more than 30 seconds per mile! The coolest part was that she was pumped for her next half-marathon and to beat 2 hours.

This race was significant for me for several reasons, some of which I wrote about in a previous post back in February, Workout Tracker: Ann Arbor Half-Marathon. I’ll just summarize a few here!

  • This was my second half-marathon, which was a huge accomplishment given that I started seriously running less than a year ago. Historically, I’ve have gotten into new hobbies very quickly, but have lost interest. Running a second race like this solidified in my mind that I have found something I really love to do!
  • I was had foot surgery earlier this year and wasn’t able to run from November through mid-February, some of which included time on crutches. Seeing my body and stamina revert back to its former state was frustrating, as well as seeing the abnormally warm weather in late 2015, which would’ve been perfect for training. Being able to bounce back almost to where I was in a lot less time than I thought was encouraging!
  • Seeing more of my friends get into running also made me super happy! When they worked towards and tried something they didn’t think they could do, and actually succeeded, was one of the best feelings for me.

Here are some photos from the race! I also have some very unattractive GoPro footage that I will keep hidden for now 🙂

My friends killed their races!!!



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