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  • Weekly Spread: 4/11/16 Recap

    I’m done with Week 1 of my two-week finals spread! Hurray! The top half has quite a few to-do’s, but you’ll see that not many were checked off. You could say I…fell behind schedule for studying. Either that, or I didn’t refer to my bullet journal much because I kept on dreading the last seven […]

  • Planning
  • Weekly Spread: 4/1/16 Recap

    Last week, I kept my weekly spread as I’ve had it — it’s proving to work really well! I also stuck to my plan of having an Instagram or blog post everyday for the #planwithmechallenge. If you want to check the blog posts out, here they are! Edge Indexing 2.0 (Day 4: Best Planning Hack) […]

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  • Simplifying: Evolution of my Weekly Spread

    On Instagram (@bluepapertrail), I’m participating in April’s #planwithmechallenge hosted by Boho Berry, Tiny Ray of Sunshine, and Pretty Prints and Paper (check them out!). Their prompt today is all about simplifying, which for me, has been something I’ve had to do due to time constraints as a busy student. I’ve also realized that for better […]

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  • My Favorite Supplies

    Below are descriptions and links to my favorite supplies! I use these for both my bullet journaling and studying. Everything fits into my gray pencil pouch, but I usually don’t carry around the Stabilo Fineliners since they don’t get much regular use. Post-it’s (1.5″ x 2″): These are great for annotating books, cutting up into smaller tabs, […]

  • Tips & Tricks
  • Edge Indexing 2.0

    Back in December, I wrote a bit about revising my old indexing system (pictured below, in the green journal). Now that it’s been four months since I started it, I thought I’d share how it has progressed and what I love about it! I’ll also share a bit about how to set it up (be […]

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  • Weekly Spread: 3/21/16 Recap

    Last week, I went rock-climbing for the first time. It dawned on me that I was climbing with a strong fear of falling, which prevented me from stretching out for far-off handholds that others so readily went for. It wasn’t until I accidentally slipped off the wall a few times and was saved by by […]