Weekly Spread: 3/14/16 Recap

Last week, I confess, was not a good week for me or my bullet journal. I barely touched it, mainly because I had a take-home midterm exam that I let take over my life. Moments like that make me question how much I love engineering or if I’m really cut out for it. In the end, things worked out better than I thought though! I also realized sometimes when there’s fewer things going on, a busier bullet journal obviously isn’t necessary. It’s gotten me thinking about how I’m going to use it during the summer when I’m not in school anymore.

It was also Pi Day last week! One of my roommates baked the most delicious apple pie I’ve ever had. It was definitely better than memorizing 206 digits of pi, like I did in 8th grade (for extra credit…I was definitely weird back then haha). I’m proud to say I’ve retained 42 digits since then LOL


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  1. Whitney Shyu says: Reply

    where’s the pic of the apple pie?

    1. Ros says: Reply

      You’ll have to check Laura’s facebook!

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