Weekly Spread: 3/7/16 Recap

Have you ever completely lost steam at the start of a week? This happened to me for the first time in a long time. You might chalk it up to senioritis or Spring Break withdrawals; either way, by Tuesday night last week, my motivation to do any schoolwork was at an all-time low. Sometimes, this feeling of meaninglessness disguised itself as late-night spontaneity, such as Thursday night when I went for a 5.8 mile run, then proceeded to stay up until 1am doing a 2000 piece puzzle with a couple of friends. It also looked like sitting at my desk staring out the window for a couple hours at a time, contemplating whether or not to open my textbooks.

Thankfully, I have amazing friends who I was able to talk to this past weekend. I also cut out a bit of time to sleep-in Sunday and journal, something I don’t often do since going to church is pretty important to me. And this past evening, one of my best friends studied with me for nearly seven hours (including maybe an hour spent eating Korean take-out…yum!)

So, that’s all to say that you’ll see this past week’s weekly spread kind of tapers off with the to-do’s, and I would say that’s ok. I didn’t do all the workouts I had planned or all the studying I hoped to finish. On the plus side, I discovered an even better running/cycling app called Strava and also got a chance to vote in my first presidential primaries on Tuesday (and was even interviewed by the local news)!

The post-it is a running list of items I need to bring from home to campus!


The first four days of the week started out somewhat strong…



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