Workout Tracker: Ann Arbor Half-Marathon

I’m running the Ann Arbor Half-Marathon on April 4! It’s going to be my second half-marathon, but it’s significant because it comes after sitting on my butt for four months and traversing across campus on crutches due to foot surgery. This training plan was adapted from an 8-week, 10K training plan, which helps me not to rush too quickly into injury-inducing workouts.

I can honestly say that having to train from scratch has proven to be a lot tougher than training when I was at my peak in October. My times have been more similar to my times back in May and that’s pretty frustrating. However, I am SO thankful to be back on two feet and to get the chance to train and re-go through this pain because it will hopefully make me stronger physically and mentally as well.

How do you train and who do you train with? What training plans work for you? Let me know! I’m a novice runner (just started in May) so any words of encouragement is welcomed!


This tracker keeps me excited and looking forward when I train. I’ve already missed a few workouts, which I think is ok!


I transcribe my week’s workout into my weekly spread for quick reference.

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