How to Make a Progress Tracker (Follow-Up)

At long last, I finished this cable knit infinity scarf. It took me just under five weeks to finish, but it was definitely worth it; it’s been pretty cold in the last few days here in Michigan and this is the warmest scarf I’ve made!

Just a few things I reflected on after using this progress tracker:

  • When I realized I actually had to knit 48 inches, not 24 inches, I just adjusted the tracker to start from the y-axis again
  • It definitely helped me to stay motivated to finish because I was able to see how much I had left
  • I noticed that I tend to be most productive in dedicated chunks of time; I had a few large “spurts” where I knit a lot and then a lot of plateaus
  • I’m more excited than ever to knit more scarves! This is definitely different from how I usually feel after making scarves 🙂

Here’s the finished scarf and progress tracker!


It took me longer than anticipated, but the progress tracker worked well for me!





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