Weekly Spread: 2/1/16 Recap

(The cover photo is my old planner from last year, before I started bullet journaling! I’ll do a future post on the evolution of my planners soon.)

Last week taught me one thing: I no longer possess the youthfulness to stay up until 4:30am and still function properly. Unfortunately, this means I need to start believing in sleep not as a waste of time, but as an essential part of my ability thrive make it through the day.

It was my second week trying the traditional bullet journal to-do list within my weekly spread, which I started in my last post Weekly Spread: 1/25/16 Recap. I’ve decided I’m going to keep it for quite some time! It kept me on track (for the most part) and must have reduced my time procrastinating by at least 50%. So it’s good that I started the to-do lists last week because it was my most hectic week this semester.

Some highlights this week were hitting the gym for the first time since October,, finishing my taxes, and finishing an amazing book called Hand to Mouth, which is eye-opening account about the issue of poverty. Also, Kim from www.tinyrayofsunshine.com regrammed me on Instagram, so my followers tripled, which means now the pressure is really on to start delivering some legit content. Some lowlights were using an elliptical for the first time (and dealing with the intense whipping motion of the handlebars).

I’ve also discovered that since getting off crutches and being able to walk normally on two feet, bus drivers don’t wait as long for me to catch the bus and my roommates don’t seem to be as willing to hand me a glass of water. I guess that’s the price you pay! (This is all said in jest, of course. Being able-bodied comes with so many unnoticed privileges that I never realized until now.)


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