Weekly Spread: 1/18/16 Recap

My apologies for a late post re-capping last week. You can see how and why I set-up this week’s spread the way I did in my post Weekly Spread: 1/18/16 Preview. I had a glorious birthday weekend that involved lots of napping, watching football, and eating desserts, capped off by a surprise gift from my lovely friends. I realized how immensely blessed I am to be surrounded by all the love that I often take for granted. But that’s not what this post is about!

This past week, the main thing I learned is that trackers aren’t the best tool for me at the moment. I’m not exactly sure why; perhaps it puts too much pressure on me to do something to the point where it feels obligatory or legalistic. Or, perhaps I’m just frustrated by my lack of mobility (still kind of on crutches) so that these goals aren’t easily reachable. As a result, I’ve made a major change in my weekly spread which I will post about at the end of the week!

Happy Hump Day tomorrow!


P.S. I also want to give an immense THANK YOU 😀 to Kim (who I am a huge fan of) for mentioning me in her latest January post for “Bullet Journal Links & More”!

Weekly Spread Recap 1-18-16

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