Weekly Spread: 1/11/16 Recap

I’m recapping the preview that you can read about in Weekly Spread: 1/11/16 Preview. This week was my first real week of class, but I still didn’t have much homework (thankfully). This ended up being great because my upper body got really sore from crutching through snow! You’ll see that some of my trackers at the end of the week remain empty —  that’s when I started slacking a bit, but it’s been nice to use my injury as an excuse haha. To sum up — I’ll mention a high and a low. A lowlight was when I realized my left calf is 1.5 inches smaller in diameter than my right. A highlight of the week is that I am sleeping about 30% more than I was last semester. Miracles do happen.

A good second week of school :)
A good second week of school 🙂


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