How to Use Your Bullet Journal to Track Schoolwork

Some of my worst nightmares are showing up late to final exams. This is probably a good reflection of how boring my dreams are, but to be honest, I’m pretty thankful the worst my dreams get are simply missing tests. I used to be among the students who obsessively tracks my assignments, tests, and quizzes so that I always know when something is due. While I still do this, I also don’t stress if I miss a homework here or there, since sometimes life gets in the way.

It’s always good to have ample time to learn and do your best, so I’m sharing my simple way of tracking assignments and exams over the course of a semester-long class.

First, I use a my monthly spread and write down everything due in that class. Here, you can see I chose purple to color-code for this particular class. In college, it’s easy to fit everything into the monthly spread, since I only have things due twice a week, at most, per class. I imagine in high school, it can be much tougher, so for those of you who have 2 or 3 things due everyday, you might need to make a separate monthly spread dedicated to academics.

Two of my monthly spreads. My class-related items are in purple
Two of my monthly spreads. My class-related items are in purple


Secondly, I transfer due dates into my weekly spread. The weekly spread is built into my journal as the week arrives. This means next week’s weekly spread doesn’t exist until the day before the start of that week. I’m a huge proponent of students using the weekly spread, since college assignments and meetings tend to cycle about every week. You can read more about why I love the weekly spread in my post 17 Weekly Spreads — Fall 2015Once I transfer due dates from the monthly spread into my newly-built weekly spread, I add in other things that might not have been in my monthly spread, such as “Review Lecture 2”, which aren’t necessarily due dates, but remind me to stay on top of learning material in case a homework does get assigned. In the photo below, you’ll see have a designated section just for “Due Dates”, but this is just my preference. You could just write it straight into the week’s appointments with everything else!

Let me know if you would like more explanations and photos! I should have more to offer once the semester goes on!


The “Due Dates” section of my weekly spread, one for each day of the week!



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