Weekly Spread: 1/4/16 Recap

It’s the second snow of the season! Earlier this week, I made my weekly spread that you previewed in the post Weekly Spread: 1/4/16 Preview. Also, it was the first week of school and although I can’t say I learned too much in class (syllabus week!), I did learn 3 things about my spread and my lifestyle:

  1. No matter how old I get, I will still mess up by writing the wrong year. Case in point: see the top left corner of my spread from this past week!
  2. Some of the “trackers” I used were irrelevant this week. For example, I had no homeworks or projects due this week so that was basically a waste of space. I also didn’t workout that much due to surgery (although that might have been an excuse I made for myself! haha)
  3. My To-Do List should be bigger, since I filled up the whole space and there will probably be more items that accumulate over time

Weekly Spread Recap 1/4/16

Weekly Spread Recap 1/4/16 2

Winter Weekly Recap 2

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