Weekly Spread: 1/4/16 Preview

I just got brunch with my friend and we couldn’t help but talk about all of our dreams and goals for what this semester could hold. I’m excited and nervous to complete my last semester of grad school; there’s so much I want to try, but with an anticipated timeline of being on crutches for two months, my plans have needed some adjusting. So, as you can see in my first weekly spread of 2016, I’m trying to incorporate several new things in my life:

  • Sleeping at least 7 hours each night. Thus, my schedule goes from 8am to midnight!
  • Workouts: I’ve had this before, but since I can’t put weight on my left foot for a couple of months, I’m going to have to use this section to focus on upper body strength (which I hate)
  • Quiet Times: I’m a super task-oriented person, so I know I need to slow things down to read, reflect, pray, and journal my thoughts. Busy-ness has destroyed me in the past
  • Blog & Instagram: I want to continue my creative pursuits instead of simply drowning myself in obligatory engineering homework!
  • To-Do column: This will be for to-do items over the course of the week, without a specific due date, or to brainstorm things I want to try next week

It looks pretty plain compared to previous spreads, but I think the simplicity is the beauty of it. I also think a lot of men I know are turned off by planning for themselves because of how “decorative” and non-functional they can get, s my hope is that a simpler style can make planning more approachable for all! The waiter at brunch said he liked my planner though, so I guess that was much-needed affirmation haha. We’ll see how this layout evolves (and if I will actually sleep by midnight everyday…)!

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1-4-16 Weekly Spread 1

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  1. Sara says: Reply

    I really love your little blog and your Instagram. Your planning style clicks with me. I am encouraged to see the emphasis you put on prayer and study of the word. I wanted to say, though, that you should feel freedom to decorate artfully in your planner if you like. The right kind of man won’t be ” turned off” by it. He’ll relish in the femininity that it represents. God bless you and keep up the good work.

    1. Ros says: Reply

      Thanks for the encouragement, Sara! I really appreciate it.
      My hope was that journaling would be more “approachable” to men (and I just edited the post to reflect that), although when I was younger I definitely struggled with my femininity in the way you described. It’s true through, I should be expressing myself more if I want!
      Blessings <3

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