17 Weekly Spreads – Fall 2015

The Bullet Journal is normally done with the modules of a) future log, b) monthly log, and c) daily logs. As mentioned in my previous post, Monthly Spread – 2016, I’ve adapted the system so that the future and monthly log are the same thing. In this post, I want to share my weekly spreads, which I use in place of daily logs.

The reason I do this is because the student life is built around weeks. Homeworks, board meetings, classes, and extracurriculars are all weekly or bi-weekly. On top of that, every day looks completely different. Thus, it’s easier to have the weekly spread to dump all the appointments I have going on. For anything more than one week ahead, I simply dump it in my monthly log and transfer it to a future weekly spread. I imagine when I’m no longer in school, a daily log might suit me better.

A fair bit of warning: planning EVERYTHING in my life made me even more inflexible than I already was. If friends were in trouble or if I wanted to spontaneously drop everything and take the night off, I was missing out or hurting others. This is NOT okay. I’ve had to learn to make lots of empty spaces in my planner.

My process for building a weekly spread looks like this:

  1. Design and decorate the framework for the week. If you use a plain journal like I did, prepare to do a lot of measuring and fractions :/
  2. Include any goals, habit trackers, or quotes of inspiration. These are optional and you’ll see I started weeding them out if they became meaningless.
  3. Fill in the weekly spread by referring to the items previously logged in the monthly spread. Then, add anything else!

Here is a gallery of all the weekly spreads I used last semester. You can see that by the times finals rolled around, the spread is basically me drawing a few lines and calling it a day!

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