Edge Indexing

One of the difficult things about a build-as-you-go planner or journal is that organization is key to finding anything in the future. Back in the day when search engines didn’t exist, some of the greatest thinkers used indexing tools to record themes, quotes, and ideas in both what they read and wrote.

Back in August, I began using an edge indexing system after seeing an article on an old Japanese hack. It’s made finding things SO much easier. However, in my last journal which wasn’t ruled or dotted, it was difficult to line everything up. Also, I hated having to rely on so many pens and colors when I was constantly on-the-go.

So, after seeing Kara Benz of BohoBerry’s fold-out color-coding system, I was inspired to do something similar in my new journal: a removable edge indexing guide that I can pull out and line up on the right or left side of the page. It’s simply one of the perforated pages from the back of the notebook. A new thing I’m trying is utilizing the top edge of my journal to keep track of conversations I have with people and what they want me to pray for. It’s easier than keeping a prayer journal on top of this one! When I’m not using the edge indexing guide, I simply paperclip it into the inside back cover.


My previous edge indexing system
Scrapped: My previous edge indexing system


My new removable edge indexing guide
My NEW removable edge indexing guide on the right edge of the page, organized with sub-categories


I'm also trying to utilize the top edge for people I talk with and pray for
I’m also trying to utilize the top edge of my journal for people I talk with and pray for

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